I've been a little disorganized lately, a little out of sync. One of the things I'm finding now that I don't have any structured "alone time" is that my space gets messy more often. It creates a little static in the back of my mind. Jeff and I agreed to have "clean up hour" once or twice a week where we dedicate an hour to tying up our loose ends. You know, doing things like putting away the hammer that's been sitting in the kitchen for a week, repotting the plants that have outgrown their pots, folding that last load of laundry and putting it away....

The house may be disorganized, but we sure are having fun in spite of it. These days if the sky and the ground are both dry, I consider it "such a nice day!" even if the temperature is a bit biting. Today was one of those rare days when I was ready to go in before the girls wanted to. Usually I'm the last one in.

Gnocchi for dinner with tomato sauce and salad. I *might* make holiday cookies for dessert. Tomorrow promises to be a very busy day, our busiest Saturday in a long time. Swimming lessons, farmer's market, Christmas tree, lunch, church party, friend's birthday party and then home for dinner. It's a lot of running around for us - all things we're looking forward to - but still, it's going to be a full day for our family.

Enjoy your weekend!


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