Oooohhhh... it is cold here! Winter is just around the corner and it's anxious to arrive.

We went to the State Park for the Preschool Naturalists group yesterday and learned about animal tracks. The girls painted some tracks with rubber stamps and then we all went outside to look for some real tracks. It was cold! We didn't last outside for long. We found a dog track and considered our outing a success.

To follow up on a few things, I found out that the Lifesavers Storybooks don't have the butter rum or mint flavors anymore. What a surprise! An unpleasant surprise!

Also, the girls have been back to the child care room at the gym since that time last week when 'A' and the boy fought over the dollhouse. I found out that this particular child has trouble interacting with pretty much everyone, not just my children. It's really sad. Sad for him, sad for my kids, sad for the other children who play there. After it happened, I wondered if there was some sort of chemistry between them that caused it all to happen, but now I think it would have happened even if a different girl had been there playing with the dollhouse.

Our child care room troubles haven't kept us away from the gym though. I'm not the only one going to get some exercise, either. This fall, two classes for children started up. One is a general kid's fitness class, where they do obstacle courses, play movement games, do jumping jacks, and the like. The other is a kid's yoga class. 'A' went to the yoga class this week for the first time and loved it. I'm going to take her to the fitness class soon and see how she likes it. It works out well - I work out, she goes to class, and 'H' plays with some new children and new toys.

Organized classes and sports for children are something Jeff and I think about very seriously before signing our girls up. There are certain things that are off-limits until they are older, such as activities that could injure them or strain their little bodies. "Team" activities like soccer are also not something we're interested in. But yoga was great. She learned about stretching and breathing, and although it flew right over her head, I heard the teacher explain that yoga is something that is just for them, that it doesn't have anything to do with their friends, their parents, or anyone else. You know, a self-esteem talk.

Speaking of classes, I signed them up for another round of swimming - something they enjoy in a wonderfully childish way, meaning that they like to paddle around the pool and kick and make big splashes. It's more of a fun experience than a learning experience for them. I also signed them up for gymnastics again, and I bumped them both up to the next level. They're ready. For 'H', this means she'll do the class without me standing right there. For 'A', it means she moves from a class with 14 children to a class with 5. They both enjoy gymnastics so much, and since the teachers only expect them to do as much as they are willing and able to do, I'm happy to keep them in the program.

I also signed 'A' up for a ballet class because she's been asking for a few months now. I have no idea what to expect. I guess we'll find out in January!

One week until Christmas! And lots to do. Lots to do.


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