Today was a big day for us - busy, with lots to do. It was all good stuff though, things we wanted to do, so it worked out just fine.

We brought the girls to swimming lessons in the morning, where they once again impressed us with their increasing comfort level in the water. They are doing so well, and I mean that in a few different ways. If you had seen 'A' in the pool just a year ago, you would be surprised to see how different she is in the pool now. She's so great.

We swung by the farmer's market for our veggie pick-up and then went out in the snow flurries to pick out a Christmas tree. We found our perfect tree! Tomorrow we'll bring it inside and start to decorate it.

We made some time to go to our church for a decorating party. Jeff joined some other adults in the sanctuary to decorate for the holidays, and I stayed with the girls in the craft room. They made some really wonderful things, including an ornament for the tree, a candle ring, and some sugar cookies.

Our day ended at the home of old friends for a birthday party. I was so impressed with 'A' - when we went to the music room to have some fun, she spent time on the microphone and was so comfortable singing her own made-up song while the musicians rocked out. At some point someone turned to me and said, "this is your shy girl?" I am so proud of her! She is doing so well. Wonderfully well!

I'll leave you with some photos of our day.


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