My camera, my camera! I just called the repair shop to check on it. It's well cared for. It'll be ready next week.

I got a lot of answers today at the pediatrician's office. Answers I wanted to hear, so that's even better. First of all, even though 'A' has green stuff coming out of her eyes, she doesn't have a sinus infection. Our doctor gave me some new information about the color of the goop. Essentially, the color doesn't matter as much as the duration of it. The goop coming out of their noses and eyes can be clear or green and anything in between, and any of those colors can signify an infection or nothing at all. What matters is how long it's there. Anything over 10 days is something to worry about.

He looked at their medical history and pointed out that my kids don't get sick all that much with secondary infections such as ear or sinus infections. True. I think they have each been on antibiotics once in their life, maybe twice for 'A'. I know why they don't get sick all that much. I have no scientific evidence to back this up, but it's the one thing that has consistently separated my children from other children. They don't drink milk. I grew up the same way so many children do now - my mother brought those gallon jugs of milk home from the store and we drank it up because we were told that it was good for our bones and made us healthy. Was it good for us? I was the ear infection queen as a child. I had so many that I got to the point where I could feel one coming on before it even developed. Even as an adult I've had recurrent ear infections. Now that I don't drink milk, I don't get infections. And neither do my girls. There are so many questions that people ask about the milk they get: skim? whole? 1%? organic? pasteurized? ... and very few stop to ask, "why are we drinking this in the first place?"

The other answers all seem to indicate that my kids have some behavior issues but not physiological problems. 'A's issues with swallowing her food can probably be helped by a speech therapist who can teach her how to swallow the correct way. Most likely nothing is wrong with her mouth or throat. Whew!

And for 'H'... I am all done seeing her breath holding spells and her "constipation" as two separate issues. She's not truly constipated because she has a wonderful diet that keeps things loose. The problem is that things don't move along in a timely fashion. Are you following? She has trouble getting her poop to come out, but not because it's too hard. It's an issue for which there seems to be no answer. When I look at the two issues together, I see that her life force, her energy, is stagnant somewhere in her body. It's not flowing freely. It stops in her intestines and it also stops in her mouth and lungs when she gets upset. When I brought that up and put it in those terms, he wondered if she is having trouble breathing correctly. She could be swallowing too much air and that would result in a belly that is fat and full of air, one that doesn't allow the stool to move along. And it could mean that she's having trouble regulating her breathing when she gets upset. Ahhh! Two different issues could actually be one issue. To address her issue, she would need some behavioral therapy. My homework is to spend some time observing her and report back to him on this.

So, I left his office today feeling happy that my children don't get sick but wondering why they need so much behavioral modification!

My little ones are asleep now, sleeping away their viruses and getting their strength up so they can play some more this afternoon. I am taking a moment to feel peaceful and hope the virus doesn't decide to spend some time in my body too. We don't all need to be sick around here!


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