Christmas... the New Year... all has come and gone. I enjoyed it all immensely. I made many of the gifts we gave this year and it gave me so much pleasure. A beach blanket, a clothes pin apron, cuddly cozy lap blankets, doorway puppet theater, and some other goodies. Did I take photos of any of them? Of course not, that would be too simple! I'll have to shoot them in use over the coming year.

I'm not a resolution-making type of person, but I do usually have a running list in my head of things I want to learn, do, do better, or truly embrace. Here are a few of the things on my list:

Make myself a fabulous purse to replace my too-big-these-days-and-certainly-too-heavy diaper bag

Make some puppets to go with the puppet theater

Pick up some blue ornaments on sale this week and have the girls make some snowman handprints (thank you Julie for the idea!)

Start feeding the birds in the backyard again

Get a book on animal tracking from the library and track in our woods. Yesterday I took the pamphlet we got at the State Park on a short walk with me and found fox, deer, squirrel and bunny prints. I wonder what else is out there, and what their tracks mean?

Learn more about photography and find some new inspiration

Go ice skating with my family

Keep going to the gym

Continue to eat as much local, organic food as I can

Learn more about water and electricity conservation

Continue to be bad at multitasking and good at focusing and living in the moment

Tune into my cats a little more and listen to what they are telling me

Learn more about composting

Visit more museums in our area

2009 was a wonderful year for my family and I can only hope that 2010 is half as good. Cheers to you and your family!


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