First off, before I forget, above is a photo of my father's compost pile. I know, you really wanted to see that, didn't you? His pile is an open air, unstructured pile. It works for him. He adds to it regularly and will turn it over once in a while. Everything goes in there - food and yard waste.

Our trip to Rhode Island went really well. I picked up my camera in Schenectady and then headed out to the Ocean State. Before I left the camera shop, I asked to see some of the lenses that go with my camera, just to see. I love, love, love one of the macro lenses. Hmmm... a birthday present maybe?

The museum was wonderful, really wonderful. The building has so much natural light. The displays are well crafted and we learned so much. We started with the Ice Age, went on to learn how nomadic Native Americans followed the caribou, found out about the cultivation of maize, beans and squash (only 600 years ago!) and then entered a Pequot village with life-like figures posed in every day scenes.

No photos were allowed in the museum.

While we were there, 'A' had her first - and I hope last - anaphylactic allergy attack. We ate at the museum restaurant, where the menu featured hamburgers, french fries and chicken fingers, with french fries being one of the healthiest items on the menu. Everything had dairy in it, so I ordered 'A' a hot dog. It must have had some dairy in it that I didn't know about or there was butter or cheese on the grill. When she started to eat it, she chewed a bit and then wanted to spit it out and throw it up. I thought she was just being dramatic. Then she said something that the allergist said she would say in this situation. She said that it tasted bad and that her mouth felt funny. Her throat felt funny. That's when I knew. I gave her Benadryl and opted to not use the epi-pen because she could still talk and was breathing okay. After all of that happened, she broke out into red hives on her face. I am going to speak with her doctor to see if I handled it correctly and what I should do if it happens again.

Just when I thought things were going so well! This is a big reminder to me to never trust anyone else's cooking. It's another source of "static" that is eliminated by all the whole-food cooking I do at home. I know for sure that my home-cooked goodness doesn't contain the foods she is allergic to. I don't have to worry at home.

I don't often think that my children are better off being right by my side than anywhere else, but here is a case where it's true. I was right there with her, listening to her and hearing the key phrases that caused me to make the connection and take action. I don't know if anyone else would have reacted so quickly.

As far as the rest of our health goes, we're all on the mend. The girls and Jeff are fever-free; I never went down that road, thank goodness; our stuffy noses are on the way out. The pine needle tea we drank yesterday and today did wonders at clearing us up. I went back to the gym today after 10 days away and was so happy to be back. It's nice to exercise and feel wonderful about the benefits of doing it. It's nice to be back.

Swimming lessons and farmer's market tomorrow, followed by a birthday party for an old friend. It'll be a full, fun day. I'll see you later this weekend. I hope you enjoy the big, full moon as much as I will.


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