Random thoughts

We're busy today, but with all good stuff: a trip to the library, a haircut for 'A', gym time for me, and a meeting with our UU membership committee tonight. All good.

Some random thoughts:

I wonder about percentages. What is the percentage of time my children listen to me versus ignore me? What is the percentage of mail that my mailman doesn't deliver?

Organic oranges taste very different than industrial oranges do. I don't know where I stand on eating them regularly, but they are a nice treat. I would love to buy the organic ones but I just can't enjoy them the way I enjoy the others.

The rowing machine is a wonderful all-over workout for me.

I learn new things about communicating with my husband all the time. For example, he's been saying for a while that he needs a new ski jacket. I think, "you work, you have money. Go buy yourself one." He never goes to get one. I know he wants to ski, and some weekend soon he'll want to go and will complain about his ski jacket. So yesterday I was driving past EMS and decided to pop in and buy him a jacket. His problems are solved, which means mine are too!

I love winter just as much as I love summer. I really do. I'm starting to think it's autumn I don't care for all that much.

:: My "food on hand that needs to be eaten" list ::


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