Our little family is home! Just us! Today we skipped the service at our UU church because we want to have some cozy laying-around time. Our lives have been very busy these past few days and we're ready to slow it all down today. Yesterday we did our usual swimming lessons & farmer's market routine and then went to Vermont to celebrate our friend Amy's birthday. All of these photos are from our trip to their home. It was a nice get together. Our children play pretty well together and we adults have been enjoying each other's company for years now so our visits are quite nice.

My sister and her children came to visit a few days ago and we had a very good time with them. They have lots of energy and they wear us out, in a good way! We hit the gym and Jennifer introduced me to the rowing machine. Wow, that's a great workout! A little tough on the sore shoulder, but still a great form of exercise all around.

Jennifer gave me the most wonderful gift ever and I can't wait to photograph it and show it to you.

'A' had her first ballet class on Friday. I stayed to watch - something I will not be invited to do for any of the other classes, I am told (and I think it's just fine). She really enjoyed it and I thought she did a great job of following along with the moves. It's interesting to watch her in situations where she and a group of children follow the teacher. She's a great listener - she listens to the instructions and likes to follow them. During the class, the teacher said, "Now everyone watch what I'm going to do, and then we'll do it together." She started to do a few moves and as she described them, the other kids got up and started doing them too. 'A' was the only one left sitting. I thought, "why isn't she moving around too?" and then remembered that the teacher said that she was going to show them the moves and then they would all do it together. 'A' was still following the original rules!

Anyway, it seems like a good class. We'll see how she likes it as time goes on.

Friday night we went to a potluck dinner for our Northwest Earth Institute discussion group about our food system. It was wonderful to get together for an evening of good food and conversation. I love the discussion group and I'm sad to see it end.

This week: trips to the library to pick up books about composting; a haircut for 'A'; gymnastics, yoga and ballet classes; a trip to the Hyde Collection (for the children's program and to see the current exhibit, An Enduring Legacy: American Impressionist Landscapes from the Thomas Clark Collection); a trip to the Schenectady Museum; and some play time outside. Looking forward to it!


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