A snowy day here again. Library books about animal tracks and photography have been fetched, the bird feeder has been retrieved from storage and cleaned, and black oil sunflower seed has been purchased. Today we woke leisurely, skipped church, played with blocks and dolls, read stories, and then headed out to the hardware store and the library. We meant to take the Christmas tree down this weekend, but a bit of laziness got in our way, so it's still standing.

Today I signed up for Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change project, where I will make 1 "green" change in my life for the 4 months leading up to Earth Day (April 22). I'm going to think about my January change and let you all know what it is tomorrow, and you'll have a chance to hold my hand as I work through it. Parts of my life are pretty solidly environmentally-friendly, and other parts could definitely use some work. I mentioned yesterday that I want to learn more about water and electricity conservation and about composting, so those are three topics right there that I can work on. I'll sleep on it. You'll be the first to know!

Jeff returns to work tomorrow after a long weekend off. We've enjoyed spending so much time together over the holidays and now it's time for us to return to some degree of normalcy. I'll be happy to have my routines back.

Check out this happy place I found on the internet today.


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