Tracking in the snow

:: Flying Squirrel ::

The girls and I went out in the yard to follow some tracks today. Finding animal tracks in the yard is fascinating and a bit unnerving too. Standing in the very spot where an animal stood just a few hours ago has so much meaning. On one hand, it makes me feel even more in awe of all that Mother Nature has created, and on the other hand, it creeps me out.

:: White-tailed Deer ::

I found a dog-like track and spent some time flipping through my Scats and Tracks book trying to determine if it was a red fox, grey fox, or coyote. I decided it was a red fox, based on the fact that it walked in a straight line, with the hind print placed directly inside the front print, the stride was 32" long, and the claw marks were showing. Also, I have seen red foxes in my neighborhood, so it wasn't something that surprised me. I followed the trail from the woods behind our house to the front yard, where there were quite a few smaller prints running all around the place, and then the fox trail abruptly turns around and goes back in exactly the same footprints to the woods behind the house. Dinner, anyone?

:: White-tailed Deer dinner leftovers ::

:: Activity of some sort, and I didn't have enough time to check it out ::

The girls and I went to the library today to pick up a book that was on hold for me, The Good Soldiers. I've seen so many reviews of the book in so many places, and I finally decided to check it out for myself. Now that I have children and so many things to do all the time (things I want to do, so yes, I bring it on myself), I'm not a "cover to cover" reader anymore. I skim to get the gist. That's what I plan on doing with this book too. Hope it's a good, easy read.

The girls have a lot of books checked out right now, including: Grandmother Winter, Good Night, Fairies, Snowmen at Night, and Elmer in the Snow. Those all have great stories and great illustrations. I love reading reading them stories that appeal to both their literary and artistic imaginations.

What's for dinner? I have a few minutes to put it together before we go to the gym. I have zero imagination or creativity in the cooking department today. On hand, I have beets, kohlrabi, spinach, carrots, potatoes, brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. Maybe a rice dish?


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