Today we went to the Schenectady Museum - our first time there. We went for the children's program about trains and the girls got to build their own trains out of milk cartons, toilet paper cardboard, straws and tea lights. It was fun for us to go. The museum is geared for older kids but has things for the little ones to do too. There was an exhibit about magnets, hydrogen and MRIs that my kids were interested in but because it was for older students, it took us only so far. I like knowing that we can keep going there for years and years. It's tough when you max out of a place because the kids get to be too old.

Because we were so close to where Jeff works, we met him after the program for lunch. What a nice treat!

The sun is shining so nice and brightly today and it's melting our snow away - boo hoo! If I'm going to live someplace cold, it may as well just snow, snow, snow.

I'm having some trouble focusing today. I've been doing some computer work for a few different clients lately and I need to sit down and figure out my workload and write out some invoices. I also need to do some homework and find out what we're doing this weekend - ice skating? cross country skiing? letterboxing? I'm signed up to hit the gym this afternoon but need to make a soup first, and the baked butternut squash in the fridge really needs to be made into muffins before it goes bad. My kids need a little outdoor fun too, and since it's so nice out there's no reason not to go. And not last on a very long "to do" list and certainly not least is the matter of figuring out which organization we'll give a donation to so that we can support the relief effort in Haiti. Red Cross? Doctors Without Border? Care? or something else?

So many questions today!


Carmel Patrick Says:

Hi, Jillian - I work at the Museum; we are so glad that you and your family enjoyed your visit and our Little Wonders of Science program! Did you know that your husband's company, Railex, is the sponsor of the Power of Locomotives exhibit in the Broughton Gallery - he may want to come and see it - there is some information up in the exhibit about Railex!
Hope yo visit again!
Carmel Patrick
Director of Development & External Relations...382-7890, ext 232

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