Getting somewhere with the hankies!

It feels good to have finally made some progress on the hankie front. I decided to use some of the flannel I already had and see if it made for some soft, absorbent handkerchiefs. I cut some squares and rectangles to about the size of an unfolded tissue, and tried a few different ways of sewing the edges so they won't unravel. I'll tell you now that ironing narrow hems and sewing them does not make for an easy-to-make or easy-to-use hankie. So skip that step if you're doing this at home.

I settled on a basic overlock stitch, stitched right up to the edge. I have a Janome DC3050 and on my machine it's stitch #12. It was easy. Easy and boring. This was perhaps the most boring sewing ever.

I'm done with batch numbero uno and 'A' used them up just as fast I sewed them!

On the mothering front, I did something today that felt right at the time but now I'm not so sure. I went to the store and purchased a thermometer. No big deal, right? 'H' woke up with an extra-runny nose and said she was "cold," so right away I knew that she had a fever. But 'H' is different than 'A' and it was harder for me to read her signs. She was warm, but not terribly warm, and her eyes looked glassy, but not terribly so. I was on the fence with calling our pediatrician and I decided to buy the thermometer to see if I was right. Well, you know the story. Yes, I was right. She didn't want to put it in her mouth, but even with it dangling half out, it registered at 102.8. So I called. They can't see us until tomorrow, which is fine with me.

That's not the end of the story. After I gave her some Tylenol and she woke from a nap, I had the urge to take her temperature again. I didn't even stop to "read" her signs like I normally would have. I just stuck the darn thing in her mouth and prepared myself to trust whatever it said. I do not like how that feels at all! I do so much better when I put the external "wisdom" aside and just focus on what my child is doing and saying to determine how they feel and how their illness is progressing.

The thermometer is going to be put away until it's needed sometime in the future. For now, she's sick and after a few weeks of a cold, she may well have a secondary infection and get to take the "bubble gum pink medicine" like her older sister. We'll find out tomorrow.

Soup tonight for dinner, then an early exit for me, as I have a membership committee meeting to attend at our UU church tonight. I love soup night.


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