A little sicker before she gets better...

We kept it simple today. 'A' melted down into a fever and super-persistent cough, so off we went to see her doctor. I almost went out to purchase a thermometer because I was puzzled about why she would have a new fever after four days of antibiotics. But then I told myself that I was sure she had a fever, and a thermometer would only confirm what I already knew, so I should skip that purchase and put some faith back into my own intuition. Her doctor gave her a nebulizer treatment and that seemed to help. So here we are at home, nebulizer plugged in, ready to go if she needs it during the night. My hope is that she's done with her runny nose and constant cough within a few days. Some relief would be great for her. She's such a great kid.

Look at that face. Do I need a thermometer to tell me she's sick? No, I don't.


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