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Tonight we brought a present to a little boy who recently turned two years old. What do you get a boy who likes to make messes and eat his toys? We thought it would be nice to give him a painting smock and a necklace made of cereal. I used Amy Karol's pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing for the smock, and made the smock reversible, not only for looks but for practical reasons too.

Sewing this smock was so much fun! It was fairly easy but called for some attention to detail and some patience and overall it was a pleasure to make. I lengthened the pattern a bit so he can grow into it. I'll definitely be making these for my girls.

Speaking of sewing, 'A' picked it up yesterday all on her own. I was making the epipen case and she picked up a scrap of fabric and asked if she could sew a dress for her doll. I pinned the fabric and sat her down with a needle and thread and told her to go to it. She has been stitching here and there, first with lacing cards using shoelaces, then on a plastic canvas with a tapestry needle and yarn. She understands how to make stitches, but this was a whole new league for her. After she sat and was thinking about how to start, she said, "Now we have to put holes in the fabric so I can put the needle through." What a logical thought! I sent her to the window and told her to hold the fabric to the light to see all the holes. She understood. She sewed the fabric just where she wanted to and we were both happy to see that it fit her baby perfectly!

I learned a very important lesson watching her sew yesterday. This year she hasn't been in preschool, and next year, the year she would ordinarily go to kindergarten, she'll be home with me instead of in the classroom. Things are going so well, and I trust that our family style is working well for her, but I do have moments when I wonder, "How will I know what she's ready to learn? How will I know she's learning?" I don't use any sort of planned curriculum with her now, and I can't see myself using one next year, either. In my mind, learning happens everyday, during our regular activities. When you don't have a curriculum to follow and you don't rely on a system of evaluation, you're pretty much left with your instincts and intuition to set the path. When she picked up the fabric and asked to make something, figured out how to do it on her own, with no frustration, and then was overjoyed to put her creation to use, I understood at once that she will let me know when she's ready. She sees me sew, and when she was ready to try it, she asked to do it. She does that with everything. When she's ready to learn, she just does it.

When I think about how she is growing and learning, and what my role is, I think a lot about trust. Trusting 'A', trusting my instincts, and trusting the process. It's one thing to think about trust and another thing to actually do it. I'm finding that my ability to trust the process can only come when I have total faith in myself.

Look at this poor old kitty. She's almost 17 years old. She's hanging in OK. Slow and arthritic, but happy.


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