We've all been visiting - Jeff went to a mountain town with friends for the weekend and I went to see friends in a different mountain town.

Last week I took 'A' to a speech therapist to address her "chewing but not swallowing food" issue. What I learned was incredible. Essentially, she is chewing a few times and then for some reason, either because the food doesn't have enough texture or enough flavor, she unconsciously decides that the morsel in her mouth isn't worth finishing, so it gets left there. It's an oral hyposensitivity issue. As the therapist described it more, it was as if she held up a mirror to me. She was describing me. Suddenly, so much made sense. All those childhood years of not wanting to eat and not liking the food my parents fed me, followed by adult years of trying tastier, more exotic foods, and liking them, made sense. I was labeled a "picky eater" when I was little, and was thought to have had a personality change when I got older and started eating a variety of foods. But you know, in light of the fact that I am probably hyposensitive, I am willing to bet I needed a lot more texture and flavor when I was little. Since I didn't get it, I chose to not eat much instead.

I am so happy that I have a chance to parent someone who is like me! It certainly makes it easier to understand what kind of food she might like to eat.


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