learning all the time

:: The pea seeds have sprouted ::

Learning all the time... that describes me, for sure, and my girls too. For the most part, I'm happy with our decision to not send our girls to school this year or next. Even more, I'm happy with our lack of organized "curriculum" because I know that right now it works best for my children. Sometimes though I start to wonder about how I will know they're learning. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. I've said this before. I wouldn't say that what we do is called unschooling while they're still so young, but I guess it is. I provide opportunites for learning and they pick and choose what they want to do.

I read them stories, take them places, explore the outdoors with them, work on household tasks together, and then I watch the pieces come together. Unschooling probably works well for most children, but 'A' in particular thrives in this environment. She's a self-starter and enjoys working independently. And she's smart. Many, many times she'll come up with an activity idea and implement it and I'm left wondering how in the world she learned to do it! I'm always proud and impressed, and sometimes when my ego gets in the way, I worry that I should have been more "on the ball," teaching her that subject matter earlier, so that she wouldn't have to take it upon herself to figure it out on her own. And then I stop and think about it, and I realize how wonderful it is that she's taken it upon herself to figure something out when she was ready to learn about it! My ego, my ego... it keeps tripping me up when it comes to parenting. I have to tell myself to remember that what she learns and when she learns it isn't all about me.

:: She's sounding out words and asking for help when she needs to... then hangs the signs all over the house ::

:: She's making her own clocks ::

:: She's spending time observing the crunchy, dirty snow on the ground and running inside to draw pictures of it ::

She's learning all the time.


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