One Small Change: March

As you may know, I'm taking part in Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change. The compost challenge that I undertook in January is still going strong - I bring out my buckets twice a week or so and put them on the pile in the woods. Our cloth handkerchief challenge from February is working out well too. So far I've made several hankies and I haven't replenished our paper tissue supply at all. Jeff and I have switched to the cloth full-time and the girls are using up the paper. When they're gone, they're gone! We just toss them in the laundry when we're done with them. I don't do a separate load. The only thing in our house that gets a separate load is 'H's diaper load. I switched her over to cloth diapers while we're at home, and she wears permanent plastic diapers while we go out.
Suzy (Hip Mountain Mama) posted that she is switching her girls from permanent plastic pull-ups at night to cloth, reusable pull-ups. I think I'll do the same for 'A'!

I wanted to choose water conservation for my one small change for March, but I've decided to save that for April and do something else instead this month. I need to get my bag situation under control. I have a few issues to address:

* I make my own bread and need a better loaf bag. I've been using old plastic bread bags but at this point they are months old and are getting a bit gross. I want something washable.

* We buy as much of our food in bulk to cut down on packaging (oatmeal, popcorn, nuts and grains). I need to have a better bulk bag storage selection that fits nicely into my reusable shopping bags.

* We buy greens at the farmer's market every week. They come packed in clear plastic bags with holes punched throughout for circulation. I can't reuse these for the cat litter or for garbage. What am I going to do with them? I have too many that are starting to pile up.

* We have a pellet stove and the pellets come packed in plastic bags. We haven't thrown any of the bags away, so now I have an enormous stack of big, thick plastic bags! Some I use under the cat box, some we can use for garbage, but what about the rest?

There you have it, my bag crisis. I need to address it! I need some order in my life.


Michelle Says:

Hello Jillian,

I came across your post on the One Small Change site. All your changes so far sound great!

I had a couple ideas about your bags - I remembered an old post by SouleMama about some beautiful bread bags she made:

If you sew, you could perhaps make some of your own, but I think you might need a bread box, too.

Would the farmers at your market be able to reuse the produce bags if you returned them?

Pellet bags - have you seen those fused plastic tote bags? If you google it, you can find instructions - perhaps you could make some fun bags from the old pellet bags? The ones I've seen look cute - maybe you could even sell a few?

Good luck with this months challenge - I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Mama Jillian Says:

Thank you Michelle! I'll check out the bread bags for sure.
I was wondering about the fused bags. I've done a few with grocery bags but I worry about too much exposure to the plastic fumes, so I do it in the summer while I'm outside. I'll have to see how they fuse up. Thanks!

Hip Mountain Mama Says:

I am so glad to hear that your Jan and Feb changes are still going strong!

Yes, the bag dilema! It is amazing how many things come in plastic or paper bags! Good luck with addressing this issue!!

Hip Mountain Mama Says:

Hey! I hope you are having a wonderful March so far!

Make sure to stop by the One Small Change blog to enter into our latest giveaway and see what the community is up to!

We also started a face book fan page which can be accessed from the blog! :)


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