The Spring Chipmunk

After some discussion, Jeff and I have decided to start a new family tradition. Easter is coming up, as is the first day of spring. When I was little, the Easter Bunny would stop at our home on Easter Sunday. My family would dress for church and go and listen to the whole "Jesus is resurrected" story. Fast forward all these years, and I don't believe in the resurrection story. Coming to terms with my personal beliefs has helped me to stop self-identifying as a Christian. But the Easter Bunny has continued to stop at our home every year and leave our children a present. This has never made sense to me. I love the Easter Bunny idea, because to me it represents the start of spring, but I don't like tying it to a holiday I just don't believe in.

Enter the Spring Chipmunk. It's a friend of the Easter Bunny, and it picked the first day of spring as the holiday it celebrates. Just as the Easter Bunny doesn't stop at all homes, the Spring Chipmunk doesn't stop for everyone. It does stop for us though, and it brings a basket with candy my girls love (like peeps and jelly beans) and it works with the birds to hide eggs around the house and yard.

Explaining this to the girls was relatively easy (thank goodness!), and we feel good about it. Celebrating the first day of spring is certainly something our family can get behind.

Spring will be here soon!


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