Sunshine and warmth!

We've got sunshine and warmer weather here today... and I wish I could capture the way the sun lights up the pine needles in a way that makes them look magical and alive.

This is as close as I can get today:

We've got daffodils and daylilies poking through the ground, oregano and lemon balm leaves starting to sprout, buds on the clematis...

...and a young scientist who sits and observes the changes Mother Nature is bringing, then runs back to her drawing pad to record them. Today I challenged her to make a hypothesis about what might happen to the clematis over the next few months and draw that picture, too. We'll visit it often to see if her hypothesis is correct.

The other night I made this wonderful vegetable dish for dinner, swapping carrots for the parsnips, and the next day decided to turn the leftovers into gnocchi.

It was my first attempt at gnocchi, and I think I used too much flour because it was heavy, but the girls loved it and gobbled it up. Great! What a wonderful way to get some rutabaga, carrots, potatoes and onions into them...


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