April: One Small Change

I'm a grouchy environmentalist today, frowning on a whole bunch of things we're doing in our household that make me feel upset. I'm tired of ruining the planet. Sure, we have made a lot of changes that are positive, but there are always more things we can do, new ways to respect Mother Earth.

My One Small Change for April is actually a number of changes, things I am able to commit to today because I'm ready to move ahead.

1. No, this first one is not a joke. I'm going to try to go without using shampoo. My sister and Jeff were talking about it recently and I was pretty grossed out, but after learning more about it, it might not be so gross after all. It will take a few weeks for my hair to look good again, for the oil production to level out. Even though we use natural shampoo and conditioner, this is a good step because it will eliminate all of those plastic bottles. And if we didn't already use natural products, this step would be even better because the chemicals in ordinary shampoos are just so darn toxic and horrible for our health and the health of our planet.

2. The cats. I'm sick and tired of scooping their non-biodegradable, horrible-for-the-planet cat litter. When I was little, our cat didn't even have a litter box, she just went outside. So, it's back to nature for my cats. I'll use Swheat Scoop in the box for their nighttime runs (flushable! made from wheat!), but during the day, they are to be outside, spending time in nature. Now that it's warming up, they can do this. In fact, they're outside right now (begging to come in). Done.

3. Coffee. I've whittled myself off of straight-up caffeine. Now it's time for the next step: Stop drinking it entirely. Even though we buy organic, fair trade coffee, it's time to say good-bye to this habit. I sweeten it with sugar (the horror! Sugar is just plain horrible for the planet, period.) and I lighten it with soymilk (Silk started making organic soymilk again but who cares? Soymilk doesn't have the lightest carbon footprint and I hate the little plastic caps that come with each half-gallon container). There's nothing green or eco-friendly about my coffee habit. I'm going to wait until my current container of soymilk is empty to start this one, okay?

4. Food. Sure, we eat local, organic produce, which cuts down on the carbon footprint of each meal. Sure, we don't eat meat, which also reduces the footprint. But we still eat a lot more food than our bodies need to. Part of reducing means... reducing. So we'll be reducing our food consumption.

I think that's it. I think that's enough!


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