New York City!

We spent the weekend in New York City! 'A' has been asking about the city for a while, so we decided to take a trip down for her birthday. We took the train from Albany and the ride was wonderful. Although we were confined to our seats for almost 3 hours, it was significantly better than a plane trip because we didn't have to wear seat belts, there was more leg room, and best of all, there were things to see out the window! We followed the Hudson River the entire way to the city and it was really neat to see how different it looked in different towns.

We did a whirlwind tourist trip: American Museum of Natural History; Central Park; Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty; playground at Union Square (new! and very nice!); a visit with old friends; vegan ice cream at Stogo in our old East Village neighborhood; and finally, Times Square.

We not only acted like tourists, we looked like them. All of us wore our jeans and fleece jackets, putting us squarely in the upstate NY/Vermont/Maine category. I wore my sneakers for comfort. There would have been a time in my life when I would have rather died than wear such an outfit to a major city, but that's over, at least for now. We have two little kids and we needed to be comfortable.

We all had a good time, as good as it's going to get when you're traveling with small children. They did a great job of walking and keeping up, of dealing with the cement city when they're used to trees and green grass, of taking it all in, even when they wanted to rest.

The most stressful part of the trip (for me, anyway) was the food allergy issue. It is so hard to travel with food allergies! Once upon a time I wouldn't have been so worried about it, but now that 'A' has had some close calls and seems to break out in hives more often than she used to, I worry. We went to Whole Foods to pick up dinner supplies for the girls. For the most part it worked out, until she ate the strawberries. Organic strawberries, no chemicals. No problem, right? They made her mouth red and her lips swollen. Then I tasted one and felt my throat and tongue get all tingly and tight. Yuck. It must be the pollen on the strawberries, because neither one of us has ever had trouble with them. Even when food doesn't seem like it will be a problem, we find ourselves surprised. Maybe it's Mother Nature's way of punishing me for buying strawberries in New York in April.

We're back home now for a while. We've got some spring weather to soak up here, some growing plants to tend to, and I have a wildly messy desk that needs some serious TLC.

My small changes update:
Today was my first day without coffee. I switched to from 75% to 100% decaf last week and I didn't even notice the difference without the coffee today. Good!

I've decided through trial and error that I am going to try washing the roots of my hair every 2 or 3 days. I had finally gotten the ends so nice and healthy (the grease finally reached the ends, making them look healthy) and then I messed it all up by using conditioner one day, which did nothing but dry my hair out even more.

Cats: Still going strong with the flushable Swheat Scoop and outdoor living!

Food: We're eating smaller portions. I cut out sugar in my coffee. We're getting there.

What are your small changes?


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