Take a look at these beautiful napkins that were sent to me by Suzy, as a prize that was part of her One Small Change challenge. They are made by Jay and I just love them. They look perfect on the outdoor table, and we use them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Life here is pretty much the same: working on the garden and spending time with friends. I wouldn't have it any other way!

A picnic with friends... a lot of fun for all of us!


Magic inside and outside today.

our afternoon

'A' took this one of 'H'. I took the rest.

I wish I could capture the afternoon filtered sunlight that falls along our tree line with my camera. This is the best I could do today. It's peaceful, and if you lay down in it, it induces sleepiness. For grown-ups, anyway.

Today we added some flair to 'A's collection case. It was a gift from a boy and was originally used to house matchbox cars. Now it's used to store all things glittery and shiny, like shiny rocks, marbles, hair clips, shiny beads, and more. Things that 'A' finds around the house, things we don't use, things that are shiny (all her words).

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, playing, playing...

I like Thursdays because we start the day off (well, 9:30 is starting the day for us) at the gym (for my rowing workout) and wrap it up with swimming lessons for the girls. Then it's time to head home for lunch, and I always find myself pleased to realize that my workout for the day is done! Usually I find time for exercise just before dinner, so a morning workout is a treat.


...that we had some wonderful little girls over last night to eat a homemade pizza...

...that I had some time during breakfast to fix 'H's broken bracelet...

...that the chive plant is flowering and blessing us with food that is beautiful and tasty...

...that Mother Nature stopped here last night with a quick rainstorm - enough to give the garden a drink, add a bit to our empty rainbarrel, and ease my water-shortage anxiety a little...

...that the peonies are going to bloom soon. Our peonies bloom in June. I love their predictability.

What are you happy about?

:: reviewing the garden layout ::

:: finding transplants at the Farmer's market ::

:: 'A' figured out how to "pump" herself on the swing yesterday... she got it. She can swing for hours now, and love every moment.


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