More strawberries. More jam. More strawberries for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour.

I continue to feel just awful about the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. The only answer is to reduce our oil addiction, and by doing so we have to cut down on purchasing and consuming, cut down on driving, cut down on eating meat and produce that is grown using oil-based fertilizers and pesticides, cut down on using so much energy to heat, cool and light our businesses and homes.

This article voices my thoughts exactly.

I took out the garbage Tuesday night and was surprised to see that our household used one-half of a 13 gallon garbage bag during the entire week. Half of a bag! That's it! We don't produce a lot of garbage overall, but this was a first for us. A wonderful first.

I made this granola recipe yesterday (without the nuts because 'A' eats it) and although it was a tad salty, it's pretty good. It's sticky and clumpy and sweet. Yum!

Jeff finally found a bike on Craigslist for a decent price, and he's looking forward to riding it around the neighborhood this weekend. I'm looking forward to a quick trip to the New England coastline to see my father and my sister. I'll see you back here sometime soon.


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