We finally found an organic pick-your-own strawberry patch and I took the girls yesterday. The prices were more than reasonable - $3.50 per quart - and we picked 6 quarts. I see a strawberry-rhubarb pie and some jam making in our future, don't you?

Strawberries are one of the dirty dozen, so it's important to me that they're grown without the use of chemicals. It's important for our health and the health of our planet. I'm starting to see that the oil gusher catastrophe is becoming a turning point for me. I may have been sensitive to environmental issues in the past, but now I feel myself taking it all much more seriously.

'A' was a super picker yesterday - she probably picked at least half of what we took home, and each of her berries was redder, bigger and sweeter than the next. Which is a good thing, because some of them started out on the yellow side! Check out her bonnet. She's gobbling up everything she can that relates to the Little House on the Prairie stories and she wanted to wear it while she was in the field to sheild her eyes. I love her. And yes, that is a sling she's wearing, with her baby in it.

Later that afternoon, we headed out to the farm to pick up our vegetables. It rained all afternoon, rained last night, and is supposed to rain again today. I'm not sure my vegetable garden wants all this rain. Oh well, what can I do?


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