Wow, this granola is going fast and I just made it! I'm getting really tired of purchasing thing that come in plastic bags, so for a while I stopped buying cereal. When it comes to children, cereal can be an easy and delicious option for a morning meal. I missed it, and so did the girls. Last night I finally took the oatmeal I have on hand (I buy it in bulk, and use my own bags to pack it up) and made some granola. I used this recipe and omitted the nuts ('A' is allergic to most nuts) and the result was pretty tasty! I look forward to trying out new recipes as we continue on our homemade granola journey. Do you have any yummy granola recipes to share with me?

Our CSA and our garden is starting to give us more produce than we can manage - or more than I can easily keep track of, anyway. A few days ago I wrote out a list of all that's available to us in our garden and in the fridge and I'm *hoping* this will keep me organized in the kitchen. One can hope, right?

Today we're having a few trees cut down in the backyard (one is super-dead and just about ready to fall, ouch). While they cut, the girls and I are heading to the fabric store to figure out what dress to make for 'A'. Her favorite dress - one that's covered with ice cream cones - is too small for her this summer and as a way to make her feel better about her "getting bigger issue," I promised to make her a new dress out of fabric that she loves.

In between all of this, I have a million little things to do. Things to plan, things to research, things to reflect on, and things to do.


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