Hot day in Rosendale!

Yesterday's outing to the Rosendale Street Festival was... well, HOT! 96 degrees, to be exact. And there we were, hiding under the light shade of a tree, but unable to escape the heat.

Anyway, we went to see Tracy and her husband Kurt and their adorable baby Bruce, and we're very happy we had a chance to meet him. And we got to see some other wonderful friends too!

There was lots of music and lots of neat vendors and I would have loved to have stepped out from under the tree to see them, but anytime I did, I just melted. Nearby there were a few caves filled with water and frogs, and we had a good time exploring those.

Today I'm loving:

...this site, chock full of ideas about canning and labeling all of those jars! I'm looking forward to preserving some corn relish and pepper jelly. I made some cucumber and zucchini pickles today and canned some diced tomatoes. The best thing about canning my own diced tomatoes is that I know for sure that the cores have been taken out. There's nothing worse than opening a can of store bought tomatoes and finding it full of hard, inedible parts.

...didgeridoo, an instrument originally used by the indigenous Australians, played by Phil Jones today at our UU service. It's a wooden instrument, shaped like a pipe, and you play it by blowing into it. Jeff attended the workshop after the service and says it's not as easy to play as it looks (does it look easy to play? I'm not so sure). There are numerous health benefits for the person playing it, including lowered blood pressure, reduced snoring and sleep apnea, and improved lymphatic function.

...a story I heard about this newspaper in India, which is run by women (lower caste women, to be exact) and it serves to bring to light stories that affect women and families - and in turn the local economy and environment. Anything that gives oppressed women a voice is a good thing.

...the work being done by Majora Carter in the South Bronx first through Sustainable South Bronx, a non-profit she started, and now through her green-collar economic consulting firm, The Majora Carter Group LLC. She's working toward the goal of seeing the South Bronx become a place where people want to live and work and play, where children can get outside and find a green space close to home, and where the waste from the rest of the world - garbage, sewage, chemicals, major highways - doesn't come to rest. Bravo, Majora.


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