I inadvertently made up a batch of holiday gifts today. 'A's nose gets so red and irritated when she gets sick, and I can't put over-the-counter creams on it because she's so sensitive to the chemicals. Even the "all natural" creams irritate her skin. Today I decided to make a healing salve for her, so we headed outside to pick some plantain and sprigs of rosemary. Back inside, I melted beeswax while the girls ripped the plantain leaves and rosemary sprigs into small pieces and put them in a stainless steel pot. I covered the leaves with 4 cups of olive oil, brought it to the simmer, and added 3/4 cup of melted beeswax. I simmered it for about 15 minutes, then strained out the leaves and poured it into 4 oz. sterile jars. I didn't intend to make enough to fill a dozen jars! I really only wanted enough to heal 'A's skin. Now I have enough to use and enough to give away.

We'll head to the farm today to pick up our vegetables, then to the farmer's market to exchange the half gallon of maple syrup I bought last week - when I opened it Saturday morning, a nice, plump fly was floating on top of the syrup. Kind of gross, huh? I'm also hoping that Michael will have some purslane for sale today at his booth.


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