I'm back. I've been back, actually. I've just been too hot to do anything at all.

We had a great time at the Cape, lounging around in the bay during the day and even scooting out for a date one night. The sun, sand, salt water and the consistent, light breeze is heavenly.

I'll tell you what is not heavenly: this heatwave that has hit the Northeast! If it bothers me, it bothers everyone. I'm not affected by the heat as much as other people are, but this weather has felt downright hot. The girls and I have spent the days under a big shady backyard tree with our feet in a little pool (oh, we also picked blueberries, canned pickles, cut out paper dolls, made collages, tended the garden, and petted the cats).

This week I was reminded once again of why I love eating local produce. This week we received a head of lettuce - boston/bibb/butterhead, one of those varieties - and it was so smooth, so sweet, so tender and so buttery. The lettuce we have in our garden now is getting a bit tough. The heads we see at the farmer's market are becoming leathery. And here in our hands was this wonderful, melt-in-your-mouth head of lettuce. A few years ago I would have looked at it and wondered what the big deal was. Now I know. I served it with this blueberry dressing and it was delicious.

Speaking of food, I purchased this book and now I want this one too. I have become such a fan of Jack Bishop! His recipes are not only delicious as is, they inspire me to tweak them and extend them to other dishes.

The rain will come tomorrow, and with it, two days of relief. I'll take it.


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