A loose tooth!

So, here is something exciting. Well, exciting to me, anyway. With all of 'A's "big girl" actions and her recent emotional and developmental growth spurt, I decided to poke around in her mouth a bit tonight and check to see if any of her baby teeth are starting to wiggle. What do you know? One on the bottom is moving! This is uncharted territory for me. How long will it take to fall out?

Immediately after I calmed down from the excitement I thought about how small her baby teeth are (she grinds them because of the way they are placed in her mouth, and they're small, super small, like little infant teeth). The tooth fairy will NEVER be able to find those little teeth under her pillow! I'm looking forward to sewing her a special pouch to put them in and she can slip the pouch under her pillow whenever she loses a tooth. Oooh, this is exciting!

I think about Rudolf Steiner's philosophy about losing baby teeth and reading readiness (that children aren't ready to learn to read until they start to lose their teeth) and I'm not sure where I stand on the issue. 'A' loves books and loves to be read to, but on the surface, has no interest in learning to read on her own. She acts like she can't do it, and won't do it. But when I show her pictures of objects and ask her what letter the word begins with, she rushes through the exercise at top speed, getting all of the answers correct, with an attitude that says, "oh Mommy, this is so easy and so boring. Why do you make me do this for you? Why can't you figure out the answers yourself?" I think she must be absorbing something I teach her but she'll never let on. Knowing her, she's going to play the "I don't want to learn to read game" right up until the day she cracks open a book and starts reading by herself.

I love to read, and in some ways for me, the world is divided into two groups: Readers and Non-readers. I'm a reader. Jeff is a non-reader. My father is a reader. My mother and my older sister are non-readers. I don't know if reading alone is any indication of anything. Jeff hates to read but is one of the smartest people I know. His brain is wired in such a way that makes him just So Smart! When he does read (which is not often), the book doesn't touch his heart or take him to visit far-off lands and meet new people, as it does for me.

Maybe Steiner is right. Maybe now that 'A' is starting to lose her teeth, she'll start to want to learn to read. If she turns out to be a Reader and finds that her soul is fed by books, great. If she winds up being a Non-reader and struggles to comprehend written words but is still So Smart in other ways, wonderful. Either way, she'll be in good company in our family.

The sunset tonight hit our walls in new and bright ways.


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