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Something new and exciting happened on Sunday - I went for a kayaking trip at a local creek and I fell in love with it. I've been kayaking before, but never in a location that was so close to nature, a haven for birds and wildlife, without homes lining the bank.

I went with my UU small group to Fish Creek and paddled along, lifting the oar out of the water often to take in the stillness and listen to and watch for birds. The experience was an awakening for me. Who wouldn't want to spend the day in a kayak? Before Sunday, I never would have considered it. Now I'm excited to get out again.

I saw some children out in their parent's kayaks, one child nestled in front of each parent. Jeff and I could do that - each have a single kayak with a child sitting with us. I want to try it soon and see how they like it.

My cousin is here for a visit and we spent yesterday seeing Saratoga Springs through the eyes of tourists. I like seeing it that way - there is so much to see and do here. The county fair opens today and I'm looking forward to going with 'A' and 'H'. They have artwork on display at Kimberly Leahey's booth and it'll be exciting for them to see it there. I'm sure the animals and the activities will be a hit too!


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