snapshots from our day

Take a look at that! She got up this morning and made her bed, without being asked. That's the great thing about parenting 'A'. She just knows what to do and does it. In time, I'll show her how to make a bed so neat that you can bounce a coin on it, the same way my mother showed me. I don't always make a bed that tight these days, but it's a good thing to know how to do. For now, this is a great start. Look at how she spread her taggie blanket out, all ready for bed tonight. That taggie has been in action for 5 years now and I don't think it'll ever be retired from service!

I took the girls to pick blueberries today and was saddened to find that the season is nearing the end. There wasn't enough rain this year to keep the blueberry crop going strong. I got a few quarts and that was after a long time of hunting for a few berries on each bush. I want to make some more jam - blueberry jam is the BEST!

I picked up some corn on the cob on the way home, with the intention of having some for dinner and some to make into corn salsa for canning. The corn this year is not well fertilized. Some of the kernels are barely developed. I wonder if it relates to the problem I had in my garden earlier in the season. The bees just weren't there.

If I ever speak of "reading by the pool," this is what it means. I sit and read while the girls hop in and out of their little plastic pool. Classy, huh?

I took this one of 'H'...

... and she took this one of me.


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