Today was a treat! I had a chance to do a lot of things that make me happy, including making a fresh batch of blueberry vinegar (new batch is on the left, the one-week old batch is on the right). The recipe is straight from the Ball Blue Book of Preserving and it looks so delicious that I keep making more. I won't know how it tastes for sure for another few weeks though, after it has a chance to properly infuse. I'm planning to get some bottles like this to make it look nice while it awaits a yummy salad.

I made it to the gym, played with the girls, splurged on some 140 lb. watercolor paper so they can make beautiful art at home (I loved it when 'A' asked while cleaning up, "where should I put my work of art, Mommy?"). I sat outside while they swung on the swing and played baby dinosaur and I worked on 'A's dress. I'll post a photo of it tomorrow, I promise! I'm almost done. Just the hem is left. I'm really proud of this dress - proud of how it came out. I ripped out a million stitches along the way, but it was all worth it. It's got 3 tiers of gathers and french seams throughout. It looks great inside and outside.

Other things that are on my mind:

I'm reading Half the Sky and will discuss it with my UU small group at the end of the summer. What a heavy book! It's about women around the world: sex trafficking and forced prostitution; violence and rape; and maternal mortality. I knew that these issues existed but until I started reading this book, I didn't know they existed in the way that they do! The authors bring it all to life and it's not a pretty scene. It's a must-read, however, because it's real and it's happening all around the world. We can't close our eyes to it.

I discovered this blog through Hip Mountain Mama's contest and in an instant my eyes got big with wonder. I would love to live this way! I can just see me and Jeff with the girls waking up on our own farm, spending the day working in the garden and around the house. What heaven!

I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day!


tree Says:

What a beautiful Blog! i am very much enjoying your lovely pictures and posts! Thank you so much for commenting on my blogpost, and for the mention. :)
Can you post the recipe for the blueberry vinegar? Sounds divine!


Erika Says:

I believe I heard of that book on NPR. I'm going to have to add it to my list.

Mama Jillian Says:

The blueberry vinegar recipe is up! It smells delicious as it percolates in my kitchen cabinet!

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