Balance and fulfillment

I would say that I have a pretty fulfilling life. There is definitely far more happiness than pain. My time is spent doing things I truly enjoy, for the most part. I spend a lot of time with my children, and since Jeff and I try to live [ecologically] lightly, I spend a significant amount of time engaged in domestic work - preparing food, making household products (such as the laundry detergent I need to make tomorrow), and using my energy in place of electric energy to finish tasks (such as hanging out the laundry and using the kiddie pool water on the garden). I also volunteer at my church, exercise, sew and read, take my girls to classes and for outings to museums and fun places, and on occasion, I work.

When 'A' was a baby I did much more website application work than I do now, but there are times now when I have some work to do. I love it. Working has the effect of engaging my mind in a completely different way and it fulfills me even more. The only problem I have when I work, and this is a good problem to have, is that I have trouble balancing all of the fulfilling things I like to do each day.

I have a pretty good work ethic, and I used to think that I had to take a job so seriously that it meant shutting out areas of my life that were enjoyable. "Work before play" was my motto. I've aged a bit and changed my perspective. If I only work - and by work I mean do the jobs that either earn me money or that impact other people, such as church volunteer jobs - then I burn out fast. I wind up feeling exhausted and resentful. I've found that I need to keep exercising, keep crafting, keep reading for pleasure, keep canning those pickles and making salsa with the produce that's on my countertop.

With that in mind, I'm going to take the girls to the farm this afternoon to pick up our vegetables, head to the gym to row 7,000 meters, prep the cucumbers for pickling and the tomatoes for salsa-making, and when I can take a break, I'm going to do the work I need to do.

All in moderation.


Erika Says:

I couldn't agree more. Often I have to remind myself to take a step back from "work" because I'm so conditioned to do it. Especially since I've been working for 15 years now.

I used to think doing stuff around the house was for suckers and now I really love it. Tomorrow will be spent turning 20 pounds of tomatoes into roasted tomato soup! Right after I almost pass out during spin class in the morning.

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