Busy, but good.

Is it August already? Where has my mind been? It's been full, I'll tell you that. I have a lot going on right now. Some of things I want to tell you about are:

How quickly children grow. They're babies one minute and big kids the next. How does that happen?

Work. I get energized by work so, so much! And at the same time, it throws me off my rhythm, my schedule. I do programming & web work but not much anymore, so when I do some work, it puts me into a different routine.

WordPress. Did you know that it's much more than a blogging site? You can create websites with it and make use of so many of the plugins that people have created! Wow. This is big!

Local nectarines. I bought a big bag at the farm today for $3.00 and we all would be happy to do nothing but sit and watch them soften up over the next few days.

Sewing books, like Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner and Small Stash Sewing. It makes me want to deviate from my plan of sewing a shirt for myself, some epi-pen cases, and a skirt at my September sewing class (in that order!).

The Perseid meteor shower. It's coming to town in full force (at least for us Northern Hemisphere folks) tonight and tomorrow! Look outside at night and you'll likely see a "shooting star" pass by. I'll be out there, wrapped in blankets to keep the mosquitoes away, laying on my back, facing the northeast.

Weight Watchers. I love it! It's such an easy plan to follow. And it's true that when you (um, let's be honest here - when I...) eat less, I am bound to lose some weight. Before long I'll be back into my pre-pregnancy clothing :)

And last but certainly not least, living with food allergies. Actually this is a whole topic unto itself and I'll post about it soon. I've come to understand that dealing with food allergies is dealing with an invisible disability. It looks like it's simple to live with, and as long as there's no episode (and there usually isn't), it seems to be a non-issue. But for the parent or person dealing with life-threatening allergies, daily life is anything but easy and stress-free. I've thought about this topic this week because 'A' started a half-day camp where snacks would be served. Snacks! Oh my! It's all working out okay, but before the camp started, I was a wreck. Most parents don't start the day wondering if today is the last time they'll ever see their child. Like I said, it's an invisible disability.

Have a great night. Life is good here. Busy, but good.


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