chopping tomatoes, cilantro, onion, peppers
mixing up some salsa
canning the salsa

soaking cucumbers in brine just like Ma did on the prairie
slicing cucumbers
canning the pickles

browsing the shelves at the library
checking books out
hearing about good books from others
requesting those books on line
heading back to the library to pick up more books

making laundry detergent out of soap, borax, washing soda and baking soda
washing the sheets
hanging them out to dry on a warm sunny day

shredding zucchini
toasting walnuts
mixing up a batch of zucchini burgers
freezing the burgers for an easy dinner in the future

learning all I can about WordPress
making a new website
learning about ASP uploaders
working odd hours of the day
feeling frustrated when things don't work well
feeling happy when it does

jumping in the car to head to art class
quick! let's not be late
leaving art class in a hurry
so we can jump in the car and head across town to story time at the library
and loving every minute of it

making time to go to the gym
dropping the girls off in the child care room
getting on the rowing machine
rowing 7,000 meters
watching my time drop each time I go
watching the numbers on the scale get smaller each time I go
exercise is good

thinking about kayaking tomorrow afternoon
packing lunches to enjoy on the water
feeling excited about hearing the stillness
and seeing the blue herons

This is what I've been up to recently.


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