I hope this wave of illness passes soon

:: on the way to the farm on Wednesday afternoons, I drive through this town. It reminds me of parts of the town where I grew up. ::

:: this friendly cat lives at the farm ::

'H' has pink eye. The Brussels Sprouts have cabbage bug. The summer squash are trying to recuperate from squash borer and now they have powdery mildew. And I suspect the potatoes and the tomatoes are getting late blight. I'm taking some samples to the master gardener tomorrow.

I hope this all passes soon. I hope I'm wrong about the late blight. I hope the horrible eye drops I got for 'H' clear up her eye soon. I took her to the doctor and specifically asked for the non-burning kind but I guess they don't make those. I hope the summer squash are able to make a recovery. I've heard I can spray the squash with a milk & water mixture but I don't want to do that because 'A' is allergic to milk. That would defeat the purpose of growing my own food and having control over what allergens she's exposed to, now wouldn't it?

I finally did something that I've needed to do for a while now. Remember how I wanted to reduce the amount of food we were eating? We need to do that. We don't have a bad diet, we just eat too much good-for-us food. If we ate less, we would be acting in a more respectful way toward the planet and I would be able to lose the last of the weight I gained with both of my pregnancies. And (in theory) we would save a little money on our grocery bill. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? It is, as long as you are committed to doing it!

I felt I needed a little structure to help me with this change, so I signed up for Weight Watchers online and although I'm shocked to see how much little food I'm allotted for the day, I have to admit that it feels like the right amount for my body. So far so good. And can I just say, it is making me feel so thirsty all the time! I've always been a big water drinker but this food-reduction plan has catapulted my thirst into a new league.

If you haven't checked out the short videos on the Pennies for Peace website, take some time to do so. I watched about half of them today with 'A' and 'H' and read Listen to the Wind (see yesterday's post for info about the book). I get inspired when I hear about people making a difference! Way to go!

I'm so thirsy, I gotta get outta here and get a big glass of water...


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