life is pretty full right now

This is the hornworm (?) that ate some of my tomato plant. Can't see it? Neither could I for a while! I had trouble removing it from the plant, it's feet were so sticky! And this is what it did to the plant...

I'm working at max capacity right now. Life is good, very good, and full, very full. It's just full enough. I have web work to do, volunteer work to do, mothering to my girls, my plants and my cats, and canning and pickling to do. We've been busy these past few days with my niece, visiting the Saratoga Racetrack, taking in the art at The Clark, attending art class, picking up our vegetables at the farm, shucking corn, and making cookies, among other things. She goes home tomorrow, and although it will be nice to slow our pace down, I have enjoyed every moment of having her here. There girls get along wonderfully, and she is so easy-going. I'll see you back here on Friday.


Erika Says:

Is that the Kayaderosseras you were playing in?

Mama Jillian Says:

It's the creek at Denison Farm in Schaghticoke. It's one of the reasons I love picking up our share at the farm in the summer. We could sit there with our feet in the water all afternoon.

Erika Says:

That's awesome! I still haven't been out there.

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