Lists, lists, lists

I don't know about you, but I have a list of a million things I want/have to do at any given moment. I'm guessing I'm pretty normal. Sometimes I ignore my list and live completely in the moment. It's then that I'm happiest. Sometimes I tackle my list and feel like I'm being productive. It's then that I feel energetic and fulfilled. Happy? Yes, but not as happy as I feel when I'm living in the moment. Sometimes, after living in the moment, I come back to "reality" and face my list and it's then that I feel overwhelmed. My list is full of good things, but there are times when it seems too much. It's then that I need to prioritize. Here is my list:

* Get my car inspected

* Bill a client I did some computer work for a while ago

* Write a letter to the manager of our local Ben & Jerry's to tell him/her how wonderful the young man who waited on us was recently. I told him about 'A's dairy allergy and he not only got a new scoop for her sorbet, he also opened a new carton of sorbet; got a cone from a new box; took sprinkles from a new box; and washed his hands thoroughly right after he took the order. I appreciate this more than ever because as she gets older, her reaction to allergens is becoming more extreme. He was amazing.

* Find a skirt pattern and fabric I absolutely LOVE for a sewing class I'm taking in September. I'm looking for a fabulous A-line pattern. And some amazing fall-colored fabric. Any ideas?

* Make nasturtium jelly

* Make unbelievably yummy mustard, like this

* Organize my baby clothes and sign up for the fall consignment sales

* Give away the rest of my baby things that aren't sellable

* Order the math curriculum I want for 'A'

* Dry some more herbs from the garden

* Paint with the girls

* Introduce the girls to the concept of water conservation. I'm going to try to do this without freaking them out. Let's be honest: I get a little freaked out about it. I have a feeling the solution is greater than using rain barrels and letting it mellow when it's yellow in the bathroom. It's more about making purchasing decisions and not funding the companies that pollute the world.

That's it for now. I have lots of other little things on the list too, but those can wait for a rainy day (ha!) - things like cleaning out the junk drawer and organizing my cookbooks.

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