The tomato and potato leaf samples are with the county extension agent and I'm waiting to hear if it's late blight.

I can't tell you how many times I've wondered (with exasperation) when my children are going to outgrow their need to talk to me during the exact moments I'm unavailable. If I'm on the phone or trying to do some work (paid or volunteer), they suddenly need me. Meanwhile, the rest of the time when I am available to be with them and when I want to talk to them, they're so busy playing that they sometimes tune me out.

I realized today that they're never going to outgrow this need. And they shouldn't. I'm feeling a little lost at this moment and I would really love to talk to my mother. But she's not available for me because she's having surgery on her ear so she can hear again. It's the exact moment that she wasn't available that I realized I needed her. I'm waiting for word that it was successful and she's okay. Until then, I need a little mothering from my mother. The same way my daughters need mothering from me.


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