Picking up our vegetables

We've been picking up our vegetables every week from local farmers for over a year now. We pretty much eat exclusively local, organic produce. The only exceptions are when I want some onion, garlic, carrots, avocado or melon and I can't get them locally that day. Well, avocado is never local around here! For the most part though, we eat what we get every week. I love this way of life. I've gone on about it here before, and I'm happy to say it again: I love knowing the people who grow our food; I love eating produce picked at the height of sweetness; I love knowing that all those food diseases, such as the one affecting eggs now, and the ones affecting lettuce earlier this year, don't affect us at all. I love knowing that I'm supporting the local economy, and that I'm using my dollars to vote for a lifestyle I would like to see everyone adopt.

In addition to all those reasons, the most basic reason of all is that it is so relaxing and refreshing to travel through farmland once a week to pick up our vegetables. It's good for our emotional health.


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