:: One of the farmstands where we buy corn ::

Happy Autumn! I've been looking ahead to this day with great trepidation, and now that it's here, I think I'm okay with it. This is the day when there is balance between daytime and nighttime, dark and light. I expected balance in my own life today, and I was pleased to have found it. Work is balanced and going well; volunteer work is balanced and going well; family downtime is back; we're in touch with our food source; and we celebrated our family "new season" ritual tonight.

I love when we go around the table and each of us says the things we're going to miss about the summer and look forward to in the fall. Our lists are so different, yet understood by all.

:: Now that I'm eating eggs, I get them here, at a stand down the road. You can't beat the size or the price for a dozen local eggs ::

I took the girls to the farm today to pick up vegetables, then headed to the farmer's market to buy a few items I need for a dinner I'm making for another family this week. I love Wednesdays, the day I stock up on produce for the week ahead. I love seeing the new variety for the week ahead, thinking about the meals I'll cook, and handling the vegetables as I store them carefully. I've been using green bags to store my veggies and so far they've been working out well.

I'm dreaming about:

:: butternut squash soup

:: pad thai with wilted chinese cabbage

:: zucchini frittata

:: tomato soup

:: Mardi Gras mask paintings - done this morning in art class ::


Erika Says:

Embrace the fall, it's awesome!!! That's a cool family ritual. I really am going to try for a legit Dia De Los Muertos celebration this year and also something on Winter Solstice.

I love your new blog header too! I still haven't found a template I'm in love with.

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