cooking dinner, breathing... relaxing

Cooking dinner.

Breathing, and relaxing.

I'm happy.

I've been juggling our autumn schedule and wondering if I overscheduled the girls (and me) too much. I have. We're doing way too much all day, particularly at dinnertime. Part of it is because of the activities that 'A' and 'H' are doing, and part of it is because I keep signing myself up for volunteer work. I love all of the volunteer work I do, and I have found in the past that when I don't volunteer and have that unselfish, human connection in my life, I feel disconnected from the world, like I'm an island unto myself. But there has to be a point where I can't do any more, right? And with the girls' activities, that same point has to exist, doesn't it?

I'm still wading through this new territory. For now, I'm happy. I've realigned the way I spend my time. I still have the same amount to do, but now I put my girls and my homestead routine first, and all else second. I works better that way. I'm a better volunteer when I'm happy deep down inside.


Erika Says:

I'm having the same issues right now. I'm evenings are filling up and I'm trying to cram work/errands into the daytime and it's frustrating.

I have a really hard time saying "no" especially when it comes to an opportunity or something that someone else might need me to do.

Mama Jillian Says:

I think I'm getting closer to a solution that works for me. I've been thinking about putting in the big rocks first and then seeing what else will fit or not fit. My big rocks are my family and creating things at home. The other rocks are volunteer things (kind of a big rock because it's important to me), classes for the girls, reading for fun, and other things. I've realized that if 'A's activities such as gymnastics are seriously cutting into our sense of family harmony because it takes place at dinnertime, then it will just have to be scratched off the list. Maybe when she's older it'll make more sense to be out at dinnertime.

I have a bunch of evening volunteer stuff that's after dinner. Not so bad. But I'm still learning what I want to say no to. I have to try things out and then decide to say yes or no. I can't decide until I've done it. Other volunteers don't like that quality about me!

Erika Says:

Yeah I had to say "no" to volunteering at the WAMC fund drive today. I told myself not to feel guilty and it worked!

I need to go with the rock vs. sand theory more too.

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