sometimes you already know the answer

It's chilly here today. Rainy and chilly. I decided to shut all the windows and get the stove running. Mmmm, it feels nice. And that basket of blankets next to the stove has slowly become a regular stopping-place in the evenings. Yes, fall is on its way.

'A' has been asking about our family's Change-of-Season ritual, making sure we're going to do it next week on the Autumnal Equinox. We gather things from nature that represent both seasons (the outgoing and the incoming), light candles, and each of us has a turn talking about the things we will miss from the outgoing season and the things we're looking forward to with the incoming season. I'm glad my girls like these rituals too.

Sometimes I find that I know something, but choose to ignore what I know. I then take some action and... surprise, surprise, I end up being reminded of what I already knew.

For example, I know that 'A' is very interested in learning about all kinds of things, but one of the things she is definitely not interested in doing is learning to read. She loves books, and loves being read to, but has no interest in doing it herself. Because I know this, you would think I would abstain from teaching her to read. And I have. Until today. Another homeschooling mother told me about a book she used with two of her children and today I sat down with 'A' and turned to page 1. 'A' participated for a minute before tuning out. It was really interesting to see the difference in her level of interest between learning about math and learning about reading. She couldn't have been more clear at letting me know that she's just not there yet. So, I'll put the teaching part of me aside and keep doing the storytelling until she let's me know she's interested.

One of the things I need to spend some time teaching myself about is finding rhythm to the day. I've let it go and I so much want it back. I'll start by:

:: drawing up a list of dinner ideas for the upcoming week

:: having more regular waking hours (for me. 'H' has started getting up at night again and when she does, I can't fall back asleep. So I fall asleep late and sleep late)

:: adding a purposeful, nature-based activity to our routine a few times a week in addition to our regular free time outside.

... and I'll keep doing:

:: cooking family meals and treats together

:: clean-up time after dinner at night (toys and dinner dishes)

:: asking the girls to get the mail every afternoon (they love that job!)

:: storytime after lunch and before bedtime

:: lullabies at night

:: regular trips to our neighborhood library

What means rhythm for you?


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