So, take a look at this... this tree down the street is sporting some distinctively fall color. The change is starting, isn't it? This is always a hard time of year for me. It's not that I love summer so much that I can't stand to see it go, and it's not that I don't like autumn. It's that I know that after autumn comes winter, and that is somewhat distressing to me. I didn't grow up this far north, and I've found that the summer season here begins two weeks too soon for my comfort level and ends two weeks too early. And the cold weather lasts four weeks too long. I'm just not ready for it.

There's a chill in the air now. The windows are mostly closed at night. We wear layers during the day. The tomatoes aren't as sweet, and they don't ripen as quickly in the garden. The little pool has been empty now for a while, and is probably ready for storage. I've got plans to go through all of our cool-weather clothing tomorrow. Yes, it's time to welcome the new season.

We're just back from a trip to Old Sturbridge Village. Yesterday was homeschool day and we went again this year. I was so impressed with the way so many of the homeschooled children dressed up in period costume! Even the teenagers were decked out in dresses and bonnets or breeches and flowing white shirts and floppy hats. I forgot to bring bonnets for the girls and I know they would have loved wearing them. 'A' went to a workshop where she learned how to sew together a travel journal. My sister came with us and we visited with animals, talked with interpreters, pumped water from the well, and got in touch with the early 19th century.

Things around here are calming down a little. I'm not as busy or as scatterbrained as I have been. Instead of wondering how to find balance, I'm just plugging along and taking time to do the things that bring me pleasure (stopping to notice the little things, cooking dinner for my family, organizing all the papers on my desk, spending time outside, talking to my children). So far so good.

In the meantime, I've been:

feeding Erma Devil's Claw to treat her arthritis

working on math lessons with 'A'

wondering what "topping the brussels sprouts" means and if we should be doing it

working on 'H's Halloween costume

finishing up some website work

wondering if 'A' should do Girl Scouts after all

making granola again

not recording everything I eat for Weight Watchers but still happy to see the numbers on the scale dropping

thinking that I need to harvest some herbs from the garden and store the ones I harvested this summer that are already dry

looking forward to picking some apples soon

... I've been doing a lot of wondering and thinking, haven't I?


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