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BOO! 'A' made this candle at 4-H

When it comes to parenting, there are some things I'm pretty lenient about, and some things I'm very strict about. Safety is one area where I am strict, anxious, nervous... whatever you want to call it. My kids have to be safe and that is all there is to it. Sometimes I feel like a real jerk with all my safety rules and neurotic behavior. "Don't..." "No..." "Be careful..." "Watch out..." Those phrases sometimes seem to come out of my mouth so much that I feel like I'm saying it non-stop. The latest issue involves 'A' and sidewalk curbs. She runs up to the edge of the sidewalk, right where it meets the road, at top speed, then quickly stops short right at the curb. I tell her over and over that it's not okay to do that. People who are driving cars don't know she's going to stop and they can get hurt if they slam on their brakes to avoid her. And what if she trips and falls, or can't stop for some reason? I've been on her case about it.

Outdoor Farmer's Market in Saratoga Springs

I hate being a "safety nag." But then things happen that make me think it's okay to be a stickler for safety. The other night I was at a meeting at the church. Jeff was there also and we transferred the girls from my car to his. He left a few minutes before me. On the way home I drove through the scene of a car accident that had obviously just happened. It was dark, so I couldn't see anything, but I could tell it was bad. Helpful bystanders were taking action and emergency vehicles were starting to arrive. Immediately I freaked out and thought of my family, who had travelled that same stretch a short while earlier. I called Jeff and he said they were safe. Phew! But someone had been involved in that accident and I sent all the healing thoughts I could to them. The accident has an unhappy ending, and the circumstances made me think that perhaps I am not crazy for trying to drill into 'A's head the importance of being careful around cars.

Once my shoulder feels better, my name might be on this board! I'm excited to work for him and support the local food economy

On a happy, less stressful note, I'm looking forward to:

* Spending time with Jeff and the girls tonight

* Making pumpkin muffins for the Sunday School kids

* Trying the first Brussels Sprouts of the season for dinner

* Working on 'H's fairy costume for Halloween

Have a wonderful weekend!


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