my rib!

I finally got some answers about my neck and shoulder pain today. It's a dislocated rib. Ouch! I got it by keeping my stress in my shoulders, which in turn pulled my rib loose. It's actually a really good diagnosis compared to what I expected to hear - that I have a hernitated disk in my neck or severe arthritis. A rib in the wrong spot is something I can work with. I start physical therapy tomorrow and hopefully I'll find some relief soon.

In the meantime, I've been thinking that I need to make some changes to take some of the pressure off. Yoga? Saying "no" more often? What else?

I'll tell you what was probably not the best idea, but something I did anyway tonight because I was scheduled to do it... I went to a coffee shop in town as a representative of the stewardship committee at the UU congregation, to talk with whoever wanted to stop by about the stewardship drive at church. We're asking for pledges of Time, Talent and Treasure. It was me and another stewardship rep there, no one from the congregation came to meet with us. My body would have been happier if I hadn't gotten in the car and gone out. But it's done, and I'm home now with my kava tea, so all is well.

On an unrelated note, have you had a chance to check out Sandi Henderson's book, Sewing Bits & Pieces? It's giving me things to dream about, and that feels good...


Erika Says:

I hope you feel better soon. :(

I definitely would've done the same thing. I absolutely feel so guilty letting people down.

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