oooohhhh.... it's almost Halloween!

Tomorrow is the big day! I don't ordinarily get excited about Halloween, but now that 'A' and 'H' are 5 and 3 years old, it's a pretty big day in our house. Both girls are wearing costumes stitched by yours truly this year. While I'm making the costumes I wonder why I bother, but deep down inside I really enjoy it.

I made 'A's costume last year. It's a princess costume and looks like something Marie Antoinette would have worn. I made it big, so it'll fit this year and maybe next too. She loves it. This year she wants to be a prairie girl, because as you know, we're all completely obsessed with Mary and Laura from Little House on the Prairie. So tomorrow she'll wear her bonnet from Old Sturbridge Village with her French princess dress. And she'll tell everyone she's a prairie girl.

I'm almost done making 'H's costume. She wants to be a fairy, so I made her a pouffy, puffy, all-tulle and satiny fairy dress. And wings. Oh my, wait until you see it tomorrow!

Today Jeff and the girls carved pumpkins while I stood 5 feet away and diced vegetables to make 4 roasted root vegetable tarts - 3 to freeze and 1 to eat tonight! I reached into the refrigerator and took out all the appropriate vegetables I could find: onions, garlic, peppers, rutabaga, turnips, beets, radishes, and winter squashes. Mmmmmm.... diced and roasted with olive oil and rosemary. It doesn't get any better.

Tomorrow should be fun.


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