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Usually I take an optimistic approach to life, and today is no exception. But sometimes I just want to whine. And today is one of those days. I went to a physical therapy appointment today to work on my shoulder and neck (and that darn dislocated rib problem). I found out that one of my vertebrae is twisted. It'll get worked on, and worked out. On my way home, my car died in the middle of the road. It's almost a new car - less than 3 years old! It's in the shop now and I await the verdict, and the bill. These days, car repairs don't come cheap. Everything is computerized and in turn, super-expensive. Today we missed a nature walk with the 4-H group, and tomorrow we'll miss 'H's gymnastics class.

Maybe this is part of the Universe's grand plan to slow me down?

Is that my way of looking at this in a positive light?

On the up side, you wouldn't believe how many people helped me with my car. So many people stopped to make sure I was okay. They pushed my car out of the road, kept my girls safe, followed me to the nearest garage. At the garage, the mechanics gave me an assessment and didn't charge me. They sent me to my dealer, where the car is now. The guys who towed my car from the local shop to the dealer also gave me and the girls a ride home. All in all, it worked out as well as could be, and it made me happy all over again that I live in the tiny little town that I do.


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