I suspect that today is our peak foliage day. At least in my neighborhood it is. There are still green leaves on some trees, but others are completely bathed in yellows and reds and oranges. Few leaves have dropped. It's beautiful.

I'm dealing with a few unknowns right now. For starters, my shoulder still hurts and I don't know when it will stop hurting. I can live on this muscle relaxer/wine cocktail for only so long. Physical therapy is the key to recovery. Sigh. I couldn't go today because I couldn't get there. I couldn't get there because my car is spending day #6 at the dealership while the technicians try to diagnose its problem. Don't you wish cars could just talk and tell you what is wrong with them? I take no comfort in knowing that technicians around the country have never seen a problem like mine.

So, these are my unknowns:

When will my shoulder and arm feel better?
When will I get my car back?
Will I make 'H' Halloween costume in time for Halloween? (It depends on how quickly my shoulder and arm heals)
Will I prepare apple crisp filling and freeze it before the bag of apples goes bad?

Of course, there are lots of good things going on here too. Now that I make an effort to lay down every afternoon and rest my shoulder, we've started a new tradition of snuggling on the floor together and reading stories. It's fun to read in new places, at new times of the day.

I've got a TON of the girls' artwork to sort through and I've got to figure out what to do with it all. I would love to frame each and every piece, but that's not possible. I can frame a few, make books from others, and perhaps make some embroidered pillows like this one.

I've got an amazing husband who is coming home early today so he can bring 'A' to her gymnastics class, and amazing cat who brings me daily gifts of mice and chipmunks, and two amazing daughters who continue to inspire me and keep me going.

And I've got beautiful trees just outside my bedroom window.


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