After a week, I'm back. My time away was well spent. The cleaning crew was at my home every day, washing every lightbulb, every plant leaf, every can of chickpeas in my cabinet. I made myself scarce. Jeff's parents were visiting last week and we spent a lot of time outside the home. It was all good. This week the cleaning crew is gone (and the house smells NORMAL again), Neal and Shelly are at home in Florida, and I am settling back in.

In the meantime, I have a new stove (I opted for a convection oven this time around, something I've never cooked with but am eager to learn about). I have professionally-cleaned, dust-free drapes hanging in my home this week. I have a reorganized craft closet and cookbook shelf - thank you cleaning women! I have a new perspective on things.

Every so often, I do this... this whole "thing." I extend myself too far, then I snap and recoil. I've come to understand that I'm like a rubberband - not content to live a life of consistency, but instead a life where I extend too far and then reach a limit and contract, going back into my shell until I'm ready to come out. When I look back upon my life, I see a series of extentions and contractions, and lots of time in-between where I am simply "who I am."

What does this mean for me? For starters, it means I'm cleaning out my closets. Every few years I clean out every closet and give away some of what I own. And boy, does that feel good. There is nothing I love more than downsizing. Contracting also means spending more time with my family. I'll teach more, do more crafting, and pay more attention to my home, my children and husband, my plants and my cats.

Before I know it, I'll be stretching out again.

Today the girls had swimming lessons and we went to the State Park for a Preschool Naturalists class. They came home with the cutest leaf-tail turkeys. It was a good day.


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